Butterscotch Whiskey Lotion

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A strong butterscotch scent that made my kids ask where the cookies were when they got home from school. Heavy cream, golden butterscotch and sweet vanilla combine with boozy notes of bourbon whiskey combine to make a great scent to fill your home this fall. Our lotionis lightweight and non-greasy while still leaving your skin soft and supple. Goat milk is smooth and creamy which is why it's our main ingredient. We combine our goat milk with natural oils and shea butter to make alotionthat nourishes the skin. To maximize skin health, we use organic ingredients when possible. An extra bonus is the combinations of fragrances and essential oils that will have others wondering what you put on that smells so good. Ingredients: goat milk, water, almond oil, emulsifying wax, shea butter, avocado oil, optiphen nd, fragrance Phthalate free fragrance